Freshly Made!
The Allure of New Sake

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Freshly Made! The Allure of New Sake

The brewery usually makes sake from October to December and presses new sake in February. Ten brands, about 400 koku, are produced, but this year production is expected to be a little less.
"We are a rather small brewery, and in order to make better tasting sake, we intend to gradually take on the challenge of making sake on a case-by-case basis," says President Sendo. "We are particular about rice and water especially when it comes to sake brewing. Kikuchi has fertile soil nurtured by the Kikuchi River and its tributaries, so the local water source area is a famous rice-producing region. The water we use is mineral-rich from the headwaters of the Kikuchi River, which provides a source of energy for koji mold and yeast, and promotes the fermentation of alcohol. During the process, the steamed rice is cooled down by the air in our surrounding area, because air is another important raw material we utilize," he added.
"The school building's reinforced concrete structure makes it easy to control temperatures, much like a factory," says President Kato "The structure of classrooms and other facilities along the corridor is very efficient."
"We would like to make sake that the world will be impressed with from this location," says President Sendo. "Export and mail-order sales are being undertaken through group companies. This year, we even sold ice cream containing Daiginjo-Shu and it was very well received! In the future, I would like to try sweets using sakekasu (sake less) and sake koji (malted rice)." Bus tours of the brewery are available through major travel agencies. Individuals should inquire in advance.