The Secret Story of the Maker

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A story about Bishonen
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Origin of Bishonen

The origin of Bishonen is a sake brewery that was established in 1752 under the order of Shigekata Hosokawa, the 6th lord of the Higo Kumamoto Domain. The year 1920 saw the release of the sake Bishonen, which became well known throughout Japan. The name 'Bishonen' was derived from a famous sake brewer who appears in the poem "Yinchu Yasenka" by the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. Incidentally, the name of Junmai Ginjo 'Kenmon' is also derived from the name of a place in China.

Utilizing a former Elementary School

The former Suigen Elementary School in Kikuchi was closed down, and the school building, just as it was, became the Bishonen sake brewery, while the school gym became the warehouse. It is a very unique sake brewery. The Kikuchi Valley, a scenic spot located upstream on the Kikuchi River, is a 10-minute drive from the brewery. "The area is rich in nature, and sometimes we even see wild boars," says President Sendo.

'Bishonen' also appears in Manga

'Bishonen' often appears in the works of Reiji Matsumoto, a manga artist famous for "Galaxy Express 999" and "Space Battleship Yamato." It may be interesting to look for the scenes in which the drink appears in his works. Products made in collaboration with Mr. Matsumoto are also sold.