Thoughts on the Displayed Products

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Summer Sake Bishonen Junmai Ginjo Kikuchi

Winner of the gold prize in the Junmai Sake category at Kura Master 2019 in France. Locally produced sake rice 'Hana Nishiki' is brewed with clean Kikuchi water, carefully fermented at low temperature, and directly pressed to achieve sake at 16 % alcohol content.
President Sendo says, "It is fruity, but with the sweetness and umami of the rice fully expressed, it has a wonderful refreshing aftertaste. The sourness and spiciness are exquisitely balanced. With the permission of Kikuchi City, we also were able to use the family crest of the Kikuchi clan, a long-ruling local samurai family, on this label. Kikuchi, including its makers, is all in one bottle!"

Bishonen Junmai Ginjo Kenmon Hiyaoroshi

This won the Platinum Award in the 'Junmai Sake category at Kura Master 2022' in France and the Gold Award at the 'Japan Fine Sake Award 2019.' It has a refreshing ginjo aroma and is characterized by a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, and sharpness. Hiyaoroshi, which is aged for one year, has a strong aroma of rice and goes well with meals. It is a Junmai Ginjo-Shu that should be enjoyed by everyone. You can enjoy its aroma even more if you drink it in a wine glass," adds President Sendo. "It can be served cold or lukewarm. You can enjoy the changes in flavor depending on its temperature."